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Latvian Classic Car Club

The association “Latvian Classic Car Club” was founded on December 28, 2010 with the aim to popularize the movement of classic vehicle enthusiasts in Latvia and abroad. The founders of the club and fans of classic cars Māris Mežapuķe and Imants Jānis Bērziņš have dedicated a large part of their lives to the promotion of classic cars, car restoration and organization of various events. Even now, after the premature departure of Māris Mežapuķe, the events will continue to take place and the memories will continue to live on the map at the event again.


In this year, the 25st consecutive gathering of classic vehicles “Retro Jūrmala” will take place  in Jurmala. The event will unite car and motorcycle collectors from all over Latvia. Also, participants from many other countries will join this great event in Jūrmala. Our event “Retro Jūrmala” happens every year on the last Saturday of August. See you on August 31th.

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